Backyard Decking Design Tips

When planning to give your home a makeover, outdoor decking is the first thing that you should consider. Backyard decking can be a great focal point of a backyard, and it is often the part of your home that leaves a lasting impression on your guests since it is where they will spend the majority of their time during the warmer months of the year when they visit.

In terms of ideas for your decking, the first things that you should consider are the materials that are going to be used to construct it. There are four common types of material used for decking, but you should always undertake some research first before deciding on which one works best for your home.


Pressure-treated lumber is the most popular choice to use for renovating backyard decking that gives a classic hardwood look. However, it requires a lot of maintenance, and it’s quite vulnerable to warping.

Redwood is quite sturdy but more expensive than the other types of wood. For more information on Redwood, SFGate has a detailed explanation of the material and what the pros and cons are of using Redwood for your DIY projects.

Composite plastic or materials require very little maintenance. However, such materials offer limited choices for color and other artistic options. Composite is best used for constructing simple backyard decks.

Aluminum is the toughest among all the other materials listed here but it’s also the priciest. It’s finish is easily scratched and if not looked after properly can rust, thus needing to be replaced.

It’s always important to remember, no matter how good your skills are when it comes to renovating, if you decide to purchase cheap materials, the likelihood is that the finished product won’t live up to expectations. Additionally, choosing the right material for longevity will ensure that the decking, in this case, will last the test of time and guard against inclement weather conditions.


When choosing wooden boards for your decking, it’s important to choose ones that have been pressure-treated. In addition, make sure that they’re covered with decking protector to avoid discoloration on the wood.

Ronseal has several products that protect wood, one of which is the Decking Protector Natural – a translucent, wax-enriched chemical that has UV filters to prevent greying.

Ronseal Decking Protector 5L offers a more natural look due to lower colour pigmentation compared to other Ronseal Decking Oils and Stains. Available in Natural or Natural Oak

Hardware retailer Screwfix features several protective paints that are useful for decking such as wood fillers to fill depths, and decking oils to prevent the warping and cracking of wood. Decking protectors are an added layer of defense that prolong the life span of such materials and should always be applied on DIY projects.

Items to put in backyard decks

Backyard decks are not junkyards for discarding unwanted items from the house. It is a place to entertain guests so make it as relaxing and welcoming as possible. Decking is the ideal place to host events such as parties and barbecues so you might want to decorate them with tables and chairs as well as plants. It’s best to choose tables and chairs that can withstand the heat and rain. Garden furniture that can survive different weather conditions will be durable over the long-term.


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It’s also worth considering a form of cover that will guard guests against extreme sunlight or rain. You can choose from canopies, umbrellas, or sailcloths. For tips, you can check out this DIY Network article entitled ‘19 Easy Ways to Create Shade for Your Deck or Patio’.

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